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Book Your Free Consultation Call to learn more about the Screen Time, Technology and Today’s Parent – Workshop for Community Leaders, Teachers, and Service Providers

Learn how to better serve families that struggle with screen time and social media boundaries and get a better understanding of the layers of technology that can help them. 

Are you a therapist, teacher, youth leader, or childcare provider working with parents and youth that are struggling with devices, internet content, and time limits?

Are they struggling with

device dependency or navigating technology boundaries with their children and the family is experiencing trauma-based responses because of what they have been exposed to while online?

Are you looking for a better understanding of why parents are struggling to keep the boundaries and have a better understanding of what’s really going on behind the screens?  

If you answered "YES" to any of those questions, then STAY WITH ME because not only was I a parent similar to the ones you work with, I am a tech mom who knows how to teach you what you need to know so that you can help families become more structured with technology.

Family Communication

& Social Technology Strategies

Families that work together to set up social and emotional support systems, enroll in social technology training, and implement the right technology strategies will improve their online experience and will encourage open family communication.

Who is this 1/2 day workshop for?

This workshop is for leaders, teachers, service providers, and decision makers that want to help shift the trajectory of where smart technology is leading our youth and reduce the division it is creating in families.

This interactive group zoom or in-person workshop is designed to help you understand the silent epidemic behind the screens that is impacting families. There is a growing number of youths that are being exposed to adult content at an alarming rate and parents are uninformed, ill-equipped to manage it, overwhelmed by it, or believe they have the right safeguards in place. I have been serving families by helping them navigate screen time boundaries for over a year. My findings and results of my work will help you understand screen time issues and why families are struggling in silence.

You will leave this workshop inform on the layers of complexity parents are navigating with technology when it comes to setting age-appropriate boundaries and how you can help them. 


What You Will Learn From

This Three Hour Workshop

This workshop will provide you a plan on how to help the families you serve set age-appropriate technology boundaries and feel confident in setting screen time limits.


Awareness is the #1 tool that can shift the impact that screen time is having on our youth, family, and community.

  • Statistics from my research and stories from those I have helped all around the US, UK, and Canada

  • Layers of tech that parents need to navigate

  • 50+ ways youth bypass parent controls

  • Impact

    Understanding the full impact screens have on emotional, mental, physical, and social health will inform the best solutions to implement. 

  • List of what youth are getting exposed and how